We Provide Quality Services

Oakway operates with the customer in mind. We provide services that will continue to keep your car running like it was intended to operate. Below are a list of some services Oakway provides. Should you have a specific or custom service inquiry, please do not hesitate to consult with us by sending us a message.




General Services General repairs and services such as tune-ups and maintenance. Request Appointment
Engine Cylinder heads, manifolds & Gaskets. Request Appointment
Heating & Cooling Repair of heating units or air conditioning units in all vehicles. Request Appointment
Brakes Brakes, ABS and Traction Control Service. Request Appointment
Undercar Services Driveline, Differentials and Exhaust services. Request Appointment
Electrical Electrical equipment in-vehicle. Request Appointment
Steering & Suspension Repair and maintenance of steering and suspension, including Alignments. Request Appointment
Transmission Transmission servicing and change out. Request Appointment
Safety & Annual Inspections Ministry approved annual inspection, and vehicle safeties. Request Appointment
Utility Trailer Service General maintenance of trailer brakes, suspension and lighting. Request Appointment
Miscellaneous Services Please contact us for more information on additional services provided. Request Appointment